Baby Boy

jason-with-home-made-sock-monkey-001  I am sure you know someone who has adopted a child. It is a very special time, and sometimes a difficult one for the child, especially if the child is a year or two old.  I wrote this lullaby for my grandson who had a difficult adjustment to his new family. Nights were frightening to him. He is now well adjusted and full of life.

Sweet Baby Boy

Sweet baby boy just close your eyes

Go off to dreamland with a sigh

Sweet baby boy fly away

To worlds unknown beyond the eye


Sweet baby boy come to me now

With all your tears a cryin’

Sweet baby boy I’ll ease your fears

And soon you’ll be a sighin’


And when you wake I’ll be right here

Near you I’ll be lyin’

To keep you safe and let you know

This is your home where I am


Through tears and fears throughout the years

I’ll always be your Mother

And though you might not understand

There’ll never be another


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


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