A friend of mine asked me to paint a picture of the family home for his aging father. It was torn down a few years earlier after he sold the house to a developer. All he had to show me was a photo with a  lot of bushes and trees growing in front of the house. By using that photo and asking him a lot of questions about details, I recreated his family home.  A few weeks ago his aunt called and wondered if I would do one for her. I finished it this week.This is house #2.


What would you give to go home again

Back to the house that no longer stands

To the yard where you used to play

Nostalgia pulls on our heartstrings

Plays enchanting melodies of good times

Digging in the dirt with friends

Biking down the dirt road

Running barefoot on the wooded pathways

Playing Cowboys and Indians

Building forts in the woods

What would you give to be there again

Just as they once were many years ago

Some of us can go home again

But for many home is just a memory

A picture in the mind

A photo in the album

Or a painting on the wall


Photo/painting: Dwight L. Roth


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