Wind & Humans


Wind & Humans

Where does the wind get its strength

Acting just like us humans

A soft breeze especially pleasant

Caresses our face on a late summer evening

How then can the wind roar and moan

As it passes through the trees outside my house

Passive winds transformed into terrible giants

Throwing temper tantrums shrieking high notes

Why the anger in its voice as it flails about

Breaking limbs twisting treetops uprooting oaks


It all comes down to hot air just like us

The cold resistance meeting the hot head of thunder

Just like we humans the wind reacts to hot air

As the thunderheads build power increases

Till it just can’t take it any more just like us

All hail breaks loose as outbursts violently erupt

Where hot heads and frigid hearts meet trouble resides

Demanding tearing up everything in sight blowing off steam

Just like some humans who just can’t take it anymore


Last night a huge front came through with strong winds and rain. The wind took out the giant oak that sat in the yard at the entrance of our community. After it blew over we could see that the center was rotten and hollow.  The strength of the wind is amazing. So volatile and unpredictable, just like humans.

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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