When Books Are Gone


Just imagine a world without books. Do you think that is the path we are taking? Technology is developing at exponential speeds. I Wonder how history will be recorded in a way that will be retrievable in the future centuries. Just imagine if the Dead Sea Scrolls had been box full of floppy discs or flash sticks for outdated machines. If technologies go bust, will there be any smart people left who can think and reason and figure things out without the aid of a computer? We can’t even find our way back home without our GPS!! Imagine that!!

When Books are Gone

In the year 2117 when the chip holds all

And we are dumb and machines are small

Thinking replaced with the gospel of the chips

No need for books we now have clicks

What will happen when books are gone

Transcribed to machines all stored in one

Technology expanding like the galaxy before us

No need for that archaic form to show us

The tips of our fingers wait to tell all

Brains lose function in technology’s crawl

Deduction and inference there seems no need

Who needs a brain with lightning fast speed

Perhaps by then the robot we’ll become

That perfect model yes that’s the one

Straight forward living all creativity gone

Just remember the password that’s on our phone

Machines tell it all just like a bad dream

When they don’t work makes you want to scream

But in 3117 what will they find in our concrete caves

Scattered across our landscape looking just like waves

With no books to open and no words to read

Just plastic and metal and a password to feed

Imagine now how shockingly odd it will be

In the world of the future with no books to read


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Goodbye Little Sister


Goodbye Little Sister  (The Long Sad Voyage of 1882)

The ships tall masts reaching high to the sky

Awesome for a boy of six just wondering why

His family packed up and left their home

Heading for a new world they travel alone

Brothers left behind grown and married

Younger and sister stay with the family

Watching the Alps fade as the shadows wane

To the port of Le Havre floating down the Seine

Ready to board this giant bucket of timber

Excitement rising trying to remember

All of his friends left behind in Basel

New adventures unseen in this perilous travel

Noise and activity surrounds them all

White sails slide up and begin to unfurl

Down to steerage on the ships second level

The family of Roths find a place to settle

Into the briny dark seas they sail

To New York Harbor where liberty hails

As the week drags on the voyage is rough

Young Christian and sister find sleeping is tough

The food is bad unlike cooking back home

The water in barrels kept from the rats’ roam

But somehow this packed and unsanitary condition

Made some folks sick with dysentery emissions

Little sister was one whose resistance was lacking

As the days dragged on her fever not slacking

Worried mother and father prayed for God’s backing

Little sister got worse there was nothing to do

As her fever raged on everyone knew

Late one night while everyone slept

Little sister passed on our little angel had left

O how we cried and mourned this great loss

Little sister had died before we’re across

The captain came by early that dawn

Saying sadly she’s gone and we must send her on

The day was spent in tears and sad wails

As the orange sun was setting we bid our farewells

Wrapped in a blanket lowered into the swell

Into the briny blue she fell

With prayers and weeping the sadness abounds

Young Christian stood watching as folks gathered round

Little sister was gone for her was too late

Wondering if he might be next for this fate

On reaching New York the emigrants unloaded

Ellis Island was crowded each family recorded

Christian and family moved on to Ohio

With promise of hope always held high

Words still to come reflect how it should be

Give me your tired your poor yearning to be free

Give me your sad you distraught still counting the cost

Seeking religious freedom in a land unknown

Where Freedom and Liberty stand alone!


Le Havre port  –  Bing Photo


Most of us who live in America are descendants of immigrants by choice or by force. We have no idea the sacrifices that were made to come and live in freedom. In the year 1882, my Grandfather came as a young boy of six only to see his sister die on the way across the Atlantic. (In those days when a child died the name was not always recorded in the family tree.  This seems to be the case in this case!) His parents left Switzerland for freedom of religion. Many immigrants have come in the years following for many reasons. It is sad that emigration today has been equated with fear and criminality.



I’m Still Here


I’m Still Here

You would not believe the things I’ve seen

Over many years of wind and rain

Through snow and cold and summer’s heat

I’m still here I’m their seat

Mothers and babies with diapers to change

Here on my seat they made the exchange

Delighted children with cones in their hands

Melting ice cream on me it lands

Old men and Grandmas in need of a rest

Sit down on me they think I’m the best

Yes it’s been many years since I found my place

I outlived my neighbor I’m still in the race

My paint’s all gone the rust has set in

Gives me character shows were I’ve been

Without even moving I’ve seen the world from afar

From Japan to China they graced my strong bars

So maybe I’m old and a little rusty too

But I’ve seen the world

How about you


Photo: Dwight L. Roth




Losing Ground

Standing in the sand

Looking out over a beautiful world

While the sand erodes under these sore feet

Sucking like quicksand down into an ever changing surf

My mind spinning in astronomical directions

Wondering how this could happen

Crushed hopelessly

Sinking deeper











Love is…


Love is…

They’re gone but love’s not lost

Pain entangles in every bone

Love remains not in the devastating loss

But in you

Love comes from deep within

Definitely not a superficial thing

Rooted deep in your heart and soul

Loss brings manic feelings rushing into scary dips

Love is rooted deeper than whispers from the lips

Yours alone to give or keep

A treasure of the heart does not come cheap

Though one you loved is gone

Your gift of love remains

To share at will should you choose again

To give away or keep



Valentine Lovers


Valentine Lovers

Up and down from limb to limb

He chases her she chases him

Through the tree tops

Jumping branch to branch

Round the big gum tree they dance

Up into the maple she’s on his tail

Nothing to hang on not even a rail


Day after day I see them fly

Moving so fast right up to the sky

Not even aware she loves him so well


Of anything else they never can tell

Not bothered by birds not even the Hawk

Unafraid of the cat that continues to stalk

They lived in the tree the woodpeckers’ nest


She lives upstairs but his hole’s the best


He goes right in no need to knock  


No doors to open not even a lock

Now that it’s spring and the sap is rising

As I watch the squirrels it’s not surprising


No family planning just natural instinct

Won’t be long till we have little sprints


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Creeping Shadow


I was in the mood to do something light and silly. This is what I came up with as I walked out in the sunlight. I remember my father quoting the shadow poem that spoke of the little shadow that goes in and out with me. Sort of a useless thing and yet one none of us can get rid of when we are in the light. See what you think!  

    Creeping Shadow

What follows you everywhere you go?

It’s that pesky little shadow you know

Seeing all you do

It quietly follows

Never making noise

Never even a holler


It moves right in step

Sometimes short

Sometimes right up to your neck

The lower the light’ angle

The longer it gets

In bright sunlight

You could easily forget

Since it is so small

You might say it’s not there at all

When it’s dark or on Halloween

Long spooky shadows can make you scream

Leaving chills dancing up and down your spine

While on shadow’s spine there’s no chills anytime

Perhaps we should all be like our shadow

And follow ourselves around

Seeing what all we get into

And then with a quiet yawn

Disappear into the light of day

All by ourselves we forget it all

And wait all day for the sun to fall

So we can once again evolveimg_3323

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

The Missing Piece


The Missing Piece

You might be the missing piece to someone else’s puzzle

The one they’ve been searching for all their life

A friend who helps connect the dots in life’s puzzle

One who brings sweet harmony to your song of the day

You may be the missing piece of someone else’s puzzle

The one who brings stability and strength into their life

Providing confidence and self-esteem to their struggles

Absorbing some of the negative energy they endure

You might be the piece to someone else’s puzzle

The soulmate connection one has dreamed of for years

The piece that fits just like the Yin and Yang perfect opposites

So perfectly matched that the circle of life seems complete

Creating an energy flow of chemistry and spirit

You might be the missing piece of someone else’s life

The Word made flesh bringing light and hope to their spirit

A piece that connects them to God reflecting grace and peace

Bringing you both into a common brotherhood in Christ

You might be the missing piece

The Dreaded Scales


If you are like me, you have had your struggles with weight gain. The older I get the more it seems to hang around. Being retired  slowed things down which makes it even harder to avoid adding pounds. My sedentary writing life also is a silent contributor. The bottom line is I still love to eat! I guess until my attitude changes this will continue to be a problem. Now I am in denial and talking to my scales!!

The Dreaded Scales

There you are staring back at me

Knowing I avoid you like a plague

No need to step on you I already know

The red needle flies around that dial

From the big numbers to the small

It creeps around just a couple of pounds

More embarrassed the further it goes round

I know you just do as you are told

It is hard to make you lie under all that pressure

But when I stand there and the dial goes round

The truth I avoided  stares me down


Perhaps if I find a more secluded place

To let you take your rest

Where you won’t be able to see my face

Denial’s my plan for the next little while

But when my pants don’t fit and my shirts pucker out

The truth will be told with sad regret

If I choose to avoid it I still will know

When my friends all say, “What a waist!”

Collective Lies


Collective Lies

Like sun rays through the magnifying glass

Burning holes in the leaves or paper

Collective lies come together for ill

Joining forces inflaming all who hear

Vortex of unquenchable heat and hate

Intensity meant to burn and destroy

Truth distorted by extreme magnification

No longer life giving light or hope

Only heat and death to all who imbibe

Intoxicated by their recreated sun

Beware of collective lies

Stealing your peace leaving you undone

Burning holes in your soul