Valentine Lovers


Valentine Lovers

Up and down from limb to limb

He chases her she chases him

Through the tree tops

Jumping branch to branch

Round the big gum tree they dance

Up into the maple she’s on his tail

Nothing to hang on not even a rail


Day after day I see them fly

Moving so fast right up to the sky

Not even aware she loves him so well


Of anything else they never can tell

Not bothered by birds not even the Hawk

Unafraid of the cat that continues to stalk

They lived in the tree the woodpeckers’ nest


She lives upstairs but his hole’s the best


He goes right in no need to knock  


No doors to open not even a lock

Now that it’s spring and the sap is rising

As I watch the squirrels it’s not surprising


No family planning just natural instinct

Won’t be long till we have little sprints


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


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