The Dreaded Scales


If you are like me, you have had your struggles with weight gain. The older I get the more it seems to hang around. Being retired  slowed things down which makes it even harder to avoid adding pounds. My sedentary writing life also is a silent contributor. The bottom line is I still love to eat! I guess until my attitude changes this will continue to be a problem. Now I am in denial and talking to my scales!!

The Dreaded Scales

There you are staring back at me

Knowing I avoid you like a plague

No need to step on you I already know

The red needle flies around that dial

From the big numbers to the small

It creeps around just a couple of pounds

More embarrassed the further it goes round

I know you just do as you are told

It is hard to make you lie under all that pressure

But when I stand there and the dial goes round

The truth I avoided  stares me down


Perhaps if I find a more secluded place

To let you take your rest

Where you won’t be able to see my face

Denial’s my plan for the next little while

But when my pants don’t fit and my shirts pucker out

The truth will be told with sad regret

If I choose to avoid it I still will know

When my friends all say, “What a waist!”


14 thoughts on “The Dreaded Scales

  1. I just started yesterday with removing sugars and trying to eat healthier. It’s not easy! I use myfitnesspal app on my phone to log my food. I love food too. I think the key is to not deprive yourself and to give yourself a day where you do get to eat those foods. That’s my theory anyway.

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