Give it Away Now

Working at the Habitat for Humanity Restore is an eye-opening experience. Every time I go to volunteer, I am amazed at what people give away. High end furniture, beds, sofas, chairs, and antiques. But even more amazing are the special things people collected over their lifetime that get donated for resale. Photos, personal arts and crafts, hand made doilies, tools, awards, and souvenirs all come through our door. My advice is to give away the special things you want children or grandchildren to have before your gone. It may sound a little cold, but if you wait, much of it will be thrown out or given away.


Give It Away Now

Give away the special things before you’re gone

Tell your story as they are presented


When You’re gone your memories go with you

Disappearing along with you into the mist

The old desk and chair are hauled away

Remaining furniture disappears as well

A box of treasures get divvied up

The unwanted ones go to the Restore

Along with clothes shoes and linens

Pictures off the wall a lamp and a stand

Soon find new homes and start all over

Souvenirs and hobbies garden hoses and tools


Pass out of sight forgotten

Our children have their own treasures

No room for ours as well

Even antiques lose their value

When viewed by survivors

Flip for the special things the ones of special worth

Perhaps some photos a painting but definitely not a purse

The Restore truck arrives and the loading begins

Group-sigh of relief when it all finally  ends



12 thoughts on “Give it Away Now

  1. I became close to my paternal aunt (through marriage) after my uncle passed. They had my Nana’s wedding rings cut off her finger at the funeral home years ago, despite my protest as I knew my grandmother wanted to be married with her rings. I refused to take them. After my uncle died, my aunt invited me over and offered the rings. I left them at her home as an excuse to visit again. I never did bring them home. Three years later after spending every other weekend together (I went through divorce and spent Sundays with her when my sons were at their dads), she too passed from brain cancer. She expected her sister and nieces to invite me to her home to get family heirlooms from my dads family. They did not. They sold everything to an auction, that included her wedding rings, tucked away in a little cedar wish well (souvenir) that she placed them in for safe keeping before entering the hospital – expecting her family to keep their word. I would have been able to tell them where to find her rings (diamond) but alas… their greed got the best of them. – So yes, give things away when you can, but don’t let them rule your life. My visits with her were far more valuable than the heirlooms (that did hold momentary value). Our treasures are in our memories ♥


  2. This is most excellent advice, only what we give away to the needy, to those who will find joy in it and cherish it, is truly eternal. The more precious the object we donate, the better. Again, I applaud your generosity and insight, and I feel you really deserve to have a weekly column in a suitable publication.

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