Treehouse Fun


One of the most fun jobs I have done was building a Treehouse for a friend of ours who had a ten year old son. They wanted him to work along with me and have the experience of helping to build it. They had a beautiful oak tree that worked well. A few years later they moved to a new location. When Hurricane Floyd devastated Eastern North Carolina, the tree went down but the treehouse stayed intact. The new owners called and asked me to build them another one on a double tree next to the garage. It worked out well and is still being used for their morning coffee in Rocky Mount, NC.

Treehouse Fun

What’s more fun than living in a tree

Not for the birds but for you and me

Even more fun than that is building it myself

With a ten year old boy sitting on the shelf

Hammering and nailing it all came together

With a roof on top to keep out the weather

An octagon shape just like a big pie

There sides covered and three to the sky

One piece of the pie has no floor

A ladder built there that’s our door

Railing of wood to keep us from falling

And a window in the wall when daylight’s calling

Boards on tree makes steps to the top

Another great view with a rail to prop

Shingles of asphalt just made for walking

Keeps us from slipping a great place for talking

When the tree came down in Hurricane Floyd

The tree house stayed sound but could not avoid

Having to be demolished for its foundation was void

The new owners called me could not do without

A new improved treehouse they said with a shout

So back to work with my pie shaped design

I built them another around double tree this time


It’s been sixteen years but the tree house remains

For early morning coffee and calming their brains


Photos and Treehouses: Dwight L. Roth


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