Lots of noisy rhetoric followed the election of our new president. Those who lost were quick to marginalize the voters who came out for Trump as “angry white men!”  When it was certain that he has won,  a distraught newsman attributed it to “angry white voters”.The shock of losing an election that was supposed to be a sure thing made both the News media and the Democratic Party to step back and look at why this happened. This poem is my theory as to why Trump won.


I am not an “angry white man”

Who voted for Trump

Tipping the election in unimaginable ways

I am not an NRA advocate

With a house full of guns and skinhead buddies

With revolution on their minds

But then again you never asked

The talking head made up names and labeled us all the same

Branding us all as “angry white men”


I am not rich and powerful

Paying for things to go my way

No I am just middle class working man

Tired of voices and promises that never do what they say

But then again you never asked

Just slapped that “angry white man” label on my back

While going on with your failed plan

You never asked me why


I am not a racist I voted for Obama

When hope and change first came my way

Only to find it lacking in hope

And different definitions of what constitutes change

But you did not ask me to explain

Just slapped that label beside my name


Since you didn’t ask I will tell you why

So many of us came out to vote for Trump

In a government of inaction and racist rants

Vowing not to co-operate with anything he asks

It’s time for a new kind of hope and change

And a leader not a part of the pack

Who will make demands and take a stand

That will make a difference to the common man

Not just for “angry white men” of which there are some

But for good men women and families throughout our land



Photo from web images


7 thoughts on “Labeling

  1. This is superb, Sir!! I’m a woman…and I get angry about some things, maybe a lot of things (hear me roar)–but I don’t identify myself as “angry”. I voted so hopefully, for Obama–I’m sure he did the best he could, all things considered. I thank God that he survived his time in the White House, as I feared he would not. I voted for Trump, despite the fact that his personality grates on my nerves. As you said, we need new hope and change…and Hilary let everyone, including her own gender down–big-time.

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