Didn’t See It Coming


Yesterday a dove flew straight into my sliding glass door. I heard the thump and looked out to see the mourning dove sitting stunned under the chair on my deck. After about fifteen minutes, it regained its composure and flew out to a tree limb at the edge of the yard. My conclusion is that the overcast morning woods was reflected in the door and the dove thought she was flying right into the woods, but instead hit the door.  I had to think, when a person or group is so focused on a goal it can sometimes lose touch with actual reality. I believe this is what happened in our recent election.

Mirage:  Didn’t See It Coming

Plunging forward toward the goal

Like a dehydrated desert walker

Seeing things that aren’t really there

Believing out of desperation

It’s all real with salvation soon at hand

Only to vaporize in the shimmering light

Some careen toward visions of reflected images

Mirrored glass windows bright and clear

Visions of reality that do not exist

Wanting them so badly to be true

Mirages of tunnels trees and fields

A sure way through to success at last

Hitting the glass door  never saw it coming

Concussion impact leaving jarred imprints

On illusive false images left behind

Racing toward the mirage of truth

A reflection of direction wrongly taken

Stunned reality leaving one dazed and confused

Didn’t see it coming


11 thoughts on “Didn’t See It Coming

  1. Great poem! It looks just like laser glass etching. Important message you have brought up too.There is an old saying in Chinese that goes: Only by taking a step back can you enjoy the broad clear sky and panorama.

    Another relevant one is that: The Mantis stalks the Cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. (i.e. when you are too focused on easy gain you forget greater risks).

    Also, I wrote a new poem yesterday, if you are interested, it’s my latest post.

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