Let’s Get Together

Watching the peaceful transfer of power in the United States today made me thankful that all voices can be heard. If you are under forty you were not around in the turbulent times of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Viet Nam War was escalating and the nation was bitterly divided. Marches and protests were going on beyond anything we see today.

During that time, Folk Music emerged and blended into pop music as well. A group called The Youngbloods sang the song Get Together. The words speak of peace and coming together a nation.   As I saw those protesting and pushing hate for our new President,  I thought this would be a good the poem/song for the day. “Come on People, now, smile on your brother.  Yeh, Let’s get together and love one another right now…” The words say it all. The music isn’t bad either!





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