Indispensable You


During my sophomore year in college I lived in the dorm on Third West Maplewood. It was a men’s dorm back then. One evening after classes were done a few of us were in the hallway when we saw a poem someone had posted on the bulletin board. It was listed as anonymous, but the words struck a chord with us and we began singing and making a tune to go with the words.  It was such a good word of wisdom that I remember it to this day.

Indispensable You

Sometimes when you’re feeling important

Sometimes when your ego’s way up

Sometimes when you take it for granted

That you are the prize winning pup


Sometimes when you feel that your absence

Would leave an unfillable hole

Just follow these simple instructions

And see how it humbles your soul


Take a bucket and fill it with water

Put your hand in it up to your wrist

Now pull it out fast and the hole that remains

Is the measure of how you’ll be missed


You may splash all you please as you enter

And stir up the water galore

But Stop and you’ll find in a minute

It is back where it was before






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