Scars on the Landscape of Man


Hiroshima and Nagasaki were sad scars on the Landscape of Man. Death and destruction are occurring daily in Syria and Iraq. When I think of the travesties of war that have been done over the years, I wonder when we will ever learn. Destroying one another does nothing to help this world become a better place. The struggle of good and evil is always with us. It is our responsibility to make choices that do not leave scars on the landscape of man.

Scars in the landscape of Man

What drives us to hate and kill our brothers

Is it the power being in control of others

Being the bully ‘cause we know we can

Spreading hurt and pain throughout the land

When will we learn to live in peace

When we help each other wars will cease

Instead men are bent on revenge and aggression

Of religion and truth and major suppression

Controlling the world creating oppression

It’s time we realize there’s a better way

Loving caring and watching what we say

Realizing there’s a future in history of man

With a good life in peace lending a helping hand

Imperialistic control demands that we fight

Creating hell and destruction sending everyone in flight

Destroying the lives of many young men

Leaving scars on the landscape of man


Photo of Hiroshima bombing disaster:


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