Great Expectations


In every major change we bring our preconceptions of what we hope will be the outcome. Following the death of Martin Luther King, Jr the leaders of the Civil Rights movement all had their expectations of what should occur to bring about change in the country. Almost fifty years later we are still struggling with unmet expectations.

Great Expectations

When two minds interact ideas emerge

Composites of great expectations

Combining into one they merge

Each with their personal connections

Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream…”

Rang true throughout this land

Black and white working hand in hand

Together in the life’s stream

As the sixties came and went

His message found a home

Pushing for inalienable freedoms

Thinking change was now their own

Each side with personal agendas

Not all saw things the same way

Disillusionment inevitably present

Struggle and conflict in the frey

For those with Great Expectations

Hope and Change are still the dream

But each dream is not the same

It is iron sharpening iron

Learning that with every expectation

It takes peace and co-operation


Painting: Dwight L. Roth


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