Mind Time Capsule


John Denver sang a song that said, “Some days are diamonds, some days ate stone.” This is true for all of us. Our minds are like the new Amazon recorder that records us even when it is off and supposed to be asleep. Memories can be wonderful and sometimes can be hell depending on what has transpired in our lifetime.

Mind Time Capsule

Memories are buried treasures found in a chest of time

Some are diamonds others stones all mixed together

Precious stones memories of special times

Moments of success and praises along the way

My fifteen minutes of fame flashes of glory

Stones of criticism sarcasm and hate

Hurled from small minds of low self-esteem

Names called labels imposed intending to box me in

Coming of age falling in love cut on the jagged edges

Diamonds of vows a veil and smiles all around

Rubies of children’s first entrance soft and red

Stones of words better left unsaid finding their mark

Stored away for future use as self defense

Pearls of aging parents moving on to their reward

A smile a touch a word of love

Tenderly placed in my treasure chest of time

Emeralds of stories that must be told

Pushing their way through the folds of my memory

Telling of days gone by some diamonds and some stones


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



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