Twisted Minds

Another terrorist shooting occurred in Florida this weekend. What does it take to kill someone? It takes a twisted mind. We hear of shootings, bombings, and more on a weekly basis. Sometimes it is paranoid delusion, other times it is PST. But the worst of all are minds filled with hate and revenge based on race or religion. There is no solution for an eye for an eye. Hate is the greatest cancer of our society and our world. Forgiveness is the only solution that brings true peace. Again. in the words of the great poet/songwriter Pete Seeger, “When will they ever learn. When will they ever learn?”


Twisted Minds

Hearing tinnitus voices

Whispering fear in their heads

Paranoid illusions

Threatening and fearful

Calling forth the need to fight

To kill and destroy

Imaginary enemies all around

Minds twisted by extremists

Fed bloody illusionary truth

Calling forth jihad and hate

Killing the infidels even their own

Imaginary enemies all around

Die for their cause all for Allah

Rain down hell bombs bullets and more

False illusions of reward for sacrifice

From a god whose law is death

And minds confused with lies

No comprehension of the God of Love

The God who forgives as we forgive

Doing to others

As we would have them do to us



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