Bits and Pieces


What do you have from your parent’s past? It is interesting what we keep to remember them. As the years go on the tangible pieces get less and less. Some things are meaningful  only to you. But, everything has a special memory and time attached to it. So much of the past gets lost in the passage of time. Keep your bits and pieces and share them with your grandchildren.

Bits and Pieces               

Sweet crumbs of the past

Tangible bits of memory

Mom and Pop long gone

Yet bits of dust remain

On my shelf a flowered bowl

With a hole in the lid

Where coins were laid to rest

His shaving mug and brush

Even a bit of old lye soap

Made from bacon grease

Her clothes sprinkler cap

Aluminum and cork

Stuck in an old Catsup bottle

Shaving razor twists open and closes

With Wilkinson Sword blades

Gold Cuff Links and Collar Buttons

With twist ends and round ends

Often worn on starched white shirts

Under that plain coat of black

Alka-Seltzer bottle with hair pins and bobbies

And even an old garter snap

His hospital communion set in a case

Cups tray and bottle for juice

Personal bits of the past

A King James Bible frayed and worn

Onion skin notes glued inside

Not much left to hold

Just little bits and pieces

And many memories left untold




4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. This in the picture is beautiful. I have something similar in feeling from a person close to me who has since passed, it is something that was used for hat pins. 🙂
    I’m someone who saves everything from people I loved. I adore think this is lovely

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  2. Most beautiful, Dwight. I too, keep things of my folks to treasure and pass down. Sometimes they bring a smile, and sometimes tears, but they also bring back sweet memories of years past. Thank you for posting this.

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