Romantic Love is a Blind Guide

Everyone knows the overwhelming emotions two people experience when they fall in love. It obliterates everything else and makes the whole world appear to be a wonderful place. Common sense is often overrun by emotion and they feel they are invincible.

Romantic Love is a Blind Guide

Love is the blind guide

Leading one down feeling road

Forget the roadmap no need for that

Flinging themselves headlong into the abyss

Spiraling into the lightness of the moment

Floating on butterfly wings

Trusting they will hold you for life

Love is a blind guide

Education still to learn

Breathing in the euphoric moment

Surely it will never end

Some make it to the bottom

Reality opens blind eyes

You know what they say

“When the blind leads the blind

They both fall into the ditch!

But then again

They just might find their niche


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