Hernia Cut


The year after we got married I discovered I had inguinal hernia in my groin. Since I was teaching school at the time, I decided to have surgery on my Christmas break.  This was the first time I ever was in the hospital or had surgery. Fortunately. all went well and I was back on the job soon after Christmas. One twist I discovered as I entered the operating room was the attending nurse was a friend of ours. It was a little awkward, but I was not awake long enough to worry. I wrote this poem to share my experience.

Hernia Cut

Anxiety floods my mind

Razor cuts close removing hair

Held by hands other than my own

Doctor assures it will be a smooth operation

Tightened up and tucked back in

Tossing and turning deliberate sleep

Morning shines in breakfast denied

Roller coaster ride in hall and elevator

Meat wagon bumps open O.R. doors

Everyone dressed in white

But I am not in heaven

Sliding onto the cutting board

Only a half apron to cover

IV running wired up and monitored

I know the nurse with the needle

A friend to help me sleep

Gas without octane

Count….ten …nine… eight…seeeveeeeen…

Lights out

Total faith all will be well

Apron removed I’m painted up

Bald skin bulging in the light

Wonder what she thought

Body in lifeless slumber

Scalpel cuts blood oozes

Muscle stitched tight

Closed with not too fancy stitching

Back to the wagon and withdrawal

Noisy nurses talking way too loud

“Wake up it’s time to wake up!”

“Breathe deeply Take a deep breathe”

I open my eyes

I’m back

Didn’t feel a thing


Photo: Dwight L Roth

This makes 200 posts since I started in June, blogging a post a day !



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