New Life for a Vintage Guitar


I love fixing things. Taking things others throw away and restoring them has been a lifelong passion. I got this guitar at the Habitat Restore where I volunteer. It was broken and split all around the top and on the side.  It appeared  someone slammed it down on the one side. I saved it from the dumpster and took it home to see what I could do with it. Over the past month, I was able to glue, patch, and cement the pieces back together.The little triangle pieces that held the top to the sides kept breaking off and falling out as I worked. I also love to paint, so I painted the design on the front back and sides that you see here.  The label said it was a Jose Ramirez made in Madrid in 1937. The guitar might have been worth a few thousand dollars if it had not been broken. I am happy with the way it turned out. It has wooden tuning pegs which tend to slip so keeping it in tune is a little difficult. The tone and resonance is still rich and clear. It will be an art piece for me!




The whole top was loose, cracked, and broken.



With filler, plastic wood, and super glue I put it back together.






I primed and painted the sanded surface with auto paint.



I was surprised to find 1937 on the inside label.


I wanted to find some designs that would reflect the Spanish style.


After painting the design with acrylic paint, I clear coated it with a coating

that was made for acrylic paintings.


This was the final result.

Guitar Painting and Photos: Dwight L. Roth











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