Sculpture of Life


Years ago a friend of mine allowed me to try my had at wire-wielding. This is the result! It is a fascinating experience joining steel with steel. It reminds me of relationships that have forged who I am. Some strong, some fragile, others odd and some unique! One thing is for sure, great relationships create lasting bonds that are always there no matter how near or far they may be. They are like these bonds of steel never to be broken. This sculpture is a tribute to the people in my life.

Sculpture of Life

Fused bonds molten steel

Melting wire rides to its destiny

Electric fire too bright to see

Fusing retinas just as easily

Sparks of raging resistance

Yielding under intense heat

Creating scars from molten glue

Strong where two hearts meet

Relationships from the scrap bucket

Eternally joined with unforeseen connection

Forging a sculpture of strength

Finding Love and great affection

Odd coupling rejects

Sculpted  beauty of rugged proportion

A steely conjoining

Monument to uniqueness and perfection

Every relationship

Brings special breadth and depth

Each one unique

Fragile strong yet always kept

Relationship bonds

Never again rejected

Strength in the scars

and very eclectic


Photo and Sculpture: Dwight L. Roth










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