Peace on Earth Good will toward men

The words of the angels to the shepherds

Two thousand years ago

Announcing the birth of a Savior

Christ the Lord

Today the world still is not at peace

Nations religions ideologies and cultures

Still clash make war and destroy one another

Was it all for naught that word of peace

That greeting of Shalom

Or was it something more

Perhaps peace must be planted in our heart

One person at a time in a garden of Love

At home at school with our friends and neighbors

Peace cannot be legislated treatied or mandated

No, peace is a result of something greater

The Word of God made flesh living and practiced

In us

Peace is a choice a gift we give to ourselves and others

An outflowing of  God’s Grace from the garden of Love

And in return

We receive



9 thoughts on “Peace/Shalom

  1. Too true! Peace is something that needs to be in each of us as individuals first of all, for we cannot impart what we do not have. And where else do we receive this peace but from the Prince of Peace Himself, Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the LORD God Almighty!

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