Etch-a-Sketch Life


My granddaughter loves the Etch-a-Sketch. She made the beautiful sketch above working painstakingly on it for some time before leaving it for us as they left to go home. We kept if for a while knowing that it would not last, since any sudden movement could shake and erase.  I thought how this is a reflection of life. So often we strive to attain the things that won’t last and forget the those lasting values of family, faith, and love. What we instill in our children is what will last and pass on when we are gone. This poem reflects some of those things.

Etch-a-Sketch Life

Here today and gone tomorrow life is short

Like the grass in the field and the flower that fades

What legacy will you leave to report

Or when you go will life simply be erased

Like an Etch-a-sketch screen without a trace

Houses families and unfulfilled dreams

Gone in a heartbeat at the end of your race


Is what you create in this life while you’re here

Making a difference in those you hold dear

Learning good discipline to share and be kind

Values and character with love and good cheer


Things collected and attained with tall towers

Wealth and fame and political power

With the shake of God’s hand will all be erased

Passed on to others with  your name not a trace


As we celebrate Christmas and the joy that it brings

Remembering God’s love that we see in Him

Let us set our life’s goal on eternal things

Not things erased on the Etch-a-Sketch screen





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