Tiny Turtle


One summer my grandson found what appears to be a baby alligator snapping turtle along the edge of the creek bank below our house. He was tiny little guy not much bigger than a silver dollar. All excited, we all gathered around to look at him. He did not seemed to be too bothered by our picking him up and kept his head and feet out looking all around. It was a great find for the day and a great story to tell.

Tiny Turtle

Living hidden in a creek bank  edge

Baby turtle lives just under the ledge

Its stony spine cover surrounds him

Hiding tail feet and head protruding

Tiny little guy who just arrived

Amazingly adapted he knows how to survive

In a ditch bank where children play


Seems an odd place for eggs to lay

Hatching to live in the dark murky muck

He’s on his own there and left to luck

Cute little creature in vivid detail

Soon to grow big from head to tail

For now we’ll enjoy this extraordinary guy

Then put him back and let him hide


Photos: Dwight L. Roth





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