A Library Dies with Them


Each time I go to work at the local Habitat Restore, I see remnants of people’s past being donate for resale. Furniture, pictures, kitchen pots and pans along with many keepsakes are given to us by children who don’t have a place for them in their lives. A friend of mine once told me that her sister, who is a librarian, told her “When a person dies a library dies with them!” This inspired me to write this poem.

A Library Dies with Them

“When a Person dies a library dies with them”

Unwritten stories and never told little gems

Perhaps some better left unwritten

Of fear or war or parent who are hittin’

Childhood friends all dressed up and fancy

Endless hours of fun and fantasy

Running through woods streets and alleys

So much fun at High School pep ralleys

Sweet childhood romances imagined and real

Traded classmate photos and kisses we steal


Yes, when a person dies

Past relationships die as well

Teachers who cared friends who dared

And bullies who made black eyes swell

Stories of mom and dad

Always proud of joys we had

Or of horrors and tales of abuse and pain

Blocked out never to be mentioned again

Achievements gained awards attained

All lost in the dumpster of time

A dumpster of treasures hand-made creations

Unseen unwanted by the next generation

Stories of romance with fights that follow

Of babies pets and children who holler

Toss it all out none left for tomorrow

Weddings funerals and proud graduations

No time left for the past generation

Just sprinkles of memories now rarely devoured

A hall of fame dies along with the flowers

All up in smoke no more to remain

The stories are gone not heard again

So that’s why I write that’s why I plead

Remember life’s passing with very great speed

So come to my library for a really good read


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Quote: Diane Prutsman Ross  – an  old African Proverb –  “When a person dies a library burns to the ground”



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