The Futility of Revenge


On the news today was yet another report of bombings in Turkey and in Egypt, murdering many women and children. It boggles my mind when I try to figure out why a person would strap on explosives and blow himself up. What is gained? Revenge, attention, power, or intimidation? When I think of the billions of dollars spent on war and destruction of our fellowmen I wonder with folk singer Pete Seeger,  “…when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?”  I guess the answer is still “Blowin’ in the Wind!”

The Futility of Revenge

What are you thinking

What goes through your brain

When you strap on that vest of pain

Do you find joy when you kill and maim

Did you hear a call from your god again

Saying it’s better for you to die in shame

When you could your live life and bring about change

In a world gone to hell you could put out a flame

Why stir up fire and brimstone again

Does this accomplish your predestined end

In an explosive blink of sweet revenge

What kind of god requires hell to pay

Instead of forgiveness and love each day

Are you so hopeless you have nothing to say

Is that why sweet revenge is your way

What do you say how will you explain

Why you chose revenge bringing death and pain

Instead of God’s love that could bring about change


9 thoughts on “The Futility of Revenge

  1. Excellent and profound poem! A message more important now than ever before!
    In the Treatise of Response and Retribution, there is an offense of: Harboring unceasing hatred and grievances. On the other hand, it is a virtue to be: Modest and careful when honored, and to bear slights without hatred. The former will lead to Heavenly punishment while the latter will result in extensive karmic rewards (such as increase of lifespan, health and prosperity).

    Thus forgiveness, it is certainly a smart thing to do!

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