Edge of Inspiration


Flying into Edmonton, AB a few years ago I watched the molten sun setting in the west. I snapped this photo through the plane window. The lava clouds were constantly changing as we dropped in altitude. The beauty of the sunset filled me with inspiration. There are so many things around us each day that could inspire us if we stopped long enough to see them.  We live in a digital world where special things like this photo might get a three second look and a, “That’s nice!” as we click on to the next special post. One thing lost with the flood of internet technology is the loss of savoring the moment! I like to live on the edge of inspiration, continually looking for the next thing that triggers a line or thought that I can write down and share with you . It might be an ant, a leaf, a bird,  or a beautiful shot like the one above.  Don’t become numb to allowing yourself to be inspired.

Edge of Inspiration

Living on the edge of inspiration

Brings everything into focus

Allows one to see and hear

What might have been missed

Living on the edge leaves

More to be experienced

Light and dark it all stands out

Shadows bring perspective

Mind sharpness makes everything clear

Watchfulness brings new joys

Seeing what would have been missed

Small things around us

We often ignore and walk on by

Beauty becomes thankfulness

For richness we see and treasure

Not in money or things collected

Simply experiential joy for what is

Recognition of nature’s wonders

Surrounding us each day

Letting go of the trivial

Noting the obvious

Through understanding eyes

Leaving one speechless

Writing rich poetry to devour




6 thoughts on “Edge of Inspiration

  1. Excellent poem and photo. You are a fount of wisdom.
    This post reminds me of one of my favorite paintings: Edward Hopper’s Sunlight in the Brownstones, I loved it so much I wrote a poem about it:


    The couple admiring the sun in the painting are so serene, they remind me of all the little moments we used to enjoy but no longer in this hazy era of text messages and media.

    You might also enjoy this blog:


    It has some excellent full screen photos of Norway’s natural beauty, including sunsets and northern lights.

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