Slow Learner


Learning was difficult for me from the very beginning.  It took a long time to finally get things to make sense. I was a slow learner in the primary school. The spelling board above is one of the learning tools my parents gave me to help me spell my name and other words. The board was forgotten until a couple of weeks ago my sister-in-law contacted me and wondered if I wanted it. My name was scratched into the center of the board in cursive. You can see how poor my second grade handwriting was at the time. I am one example of students who learn at a slower rate than average , but if given a chance can end up at the same place as others who learned faster.

Slow Learner

Back in 1954

Learning just starting for me was a chore

Second Grade just as hard as First

Trying to learn to write was the worst

Writing co-ordination did not exist

Making a D was a major twist

Compound curves and loop-t-loops

Sent me into a tizzy left me pooped

Spelling not much better just didn’t stick

A game in my toy box just might do the trick

Spelling abacus board red letters in a track

Sliding round and round to the middle and back

My name and words arranged in place

Giving me practice pushing my pace

Math did not click numbers did not jive

They came up wrong no matter how hard I tried

In Third and Fourth I struggled along

Not understanding why it took so long

When I got to Fifth things began to make sense

The numbers finally didn’t seem so dense

Mrs. Vilseck my teacher seem to understand

She helped me along and gave me a hand

My writing got better my spelling progressed

I finally began to keep up with the rest

I struggled with learning all through school

Compensations adaptations and repetition were the rule

Helping me make it from one step to the next

Life’s a continuous learning process at best

I’m grateful to all my teachers and friends

Who finally helped me learn in the end 

After all these years creativity at its best

Art music and writing poetry with the rest

Computers opened doors to learning beyond pen

My writing shared round the world to the end

With you who read my blog and share your thoughts

You make my day every day with your talk

Inspiring me to carry on


Game Board Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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