No Regrets


No Regrets

Regrets are only rocks in your pack

Weighing you down and stealing your joy

Telling you it’s ok to sulk and mope

Regrets are like pebbles in your shoe

Hindering your walk creating more pain

Infectious aggravation leaving you maimed

Regrets repeated push others away

Not wanting to hear the same old tale

Wishing you would get on with your life

Regrets… just crush those rocks into sand

Let them lay in the flow  of receding tide

Washing your problems out into the deep

Regrets remembered can be just fine

Acknowledged and left to the passing of time

But too heavy to carry to for a whole lifetime


Myrtle Beach, SC Photo: Dwight L. Roth

15 thoughts on “No Regrets

  1. I agree completely with this well written poem. I feel that the right choice is the most reasonable choice under the then circumstances. Thus, just because a bad choice was made in retrospect does not mean it is necessarily a bad choice, for the suitability of a choice is defined by the resources, risks, information and context (i.e.particular circumstance) of the time the decision was made.

    Also, the poem reminds me of the Edith Piaf song: Non, Je ne regret rien.

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