Our Mark


Over the centuries, people have wished to become immortalized in time for generations to come. But in reality, even the greatest eventually are lost in the future. Kings, presidents, heroes, inventors, athletes, and yes, even the Kardashians will be forgotten in the future. We are here, we make our mark and then leave the future to our children and grandchildren. Our mark remains in them for a while and then is gone, only to be glanced at from time to time by future generations. What kind of mark are you making?

Our Mark

Raindrops overnight surf falling leaves

Landing in the yard pasting to the drive


Nipped by overnight frostbite they lay

Beautiful accents of brown and gray

On winds late-day

Leaves take their leave from the pavement

Visiting our neighbor’s yard  instead

Imprints marking the concrete where lain


Tattooed fossils of rib and vein

Beautiful reminders not seen again


Just like us taking  leave of life

Having left our mark imprinted

On the lives we’ve touched

Remembered in detail for a time

Only too soon we fade from their minds

As others make their mark

In our place and their time


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


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