Living With Diversity


Diversity is one of the buzz words that is used on almost every news broadcast we hear these days. It is sad to me that diversity seems to be the thing that divides us rather than bringing richness an mutual understanding to our society. It appears to me that extremes one way or the other do not help us. Attempting to force diversity on society rarely works. Instead it brings about the divide we see between the left and the right in our country today.  If we could learn to accept diversity without one side or the other trying to dominate and push its position on the other, I believe we might learn to appreciate each other better.

Living with Diversity

We must rise above the demanding

Those who would hold us back

Covering our light with darkness

Telling us we must conform

Some would have us call

Darkness light and light darkness

In a world where darkness rules

Always distorting the truth

Others would like us to believe

Conformity is the answer to faith

That questioning or having a different view

Needs to be held in question

Sad that we can’t enjoy our diversity

Without one side or the other

Feeling like they have to control

The way everyone else thinks


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

4 thoughts on “Living With Diversity

  1. I think you have a point. My opinion is that what is happening now is a certain opportunistic/fashionable tokenism and factional fight for supremacy (each with their grievances) instead of a constructive, compassionate and cooeprative weaving together. For instance, in the East, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism has long been blended together to great effect. Confucianism handles propriety, filial piety and statecraft ; Taoism is for rites, merit making and spiritual cultivation, and Buddhism is for high wisdom and transcending the six realms.

    However, nowadays, it is always a with me or against me situation, it is too adversarial. That is why we see so much division. It reminds me of the Three Kingdoms era when China was split into three warring states -each thinking they have the right to rule the whole realm, but in reality can only cling onto their 1/3rd share, locked in by natural borders-i.e. Shu Han (Han loyalist rump state considers everyone else traitor) was surrounded by mountains in the Sichuan basin, Eastern Wu was south of the Yangtze river and Wei (forced last Han emperor to abdicate in their favor) to the north.

    Later what happened was that Wei overthrown in an internal coup, and the rest got conquered by the new Jin dynasty.

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    • I believe you are right! We have raised a generation of self-centered children who are only looking out for their self-interest instead of what will help their neighbor and the common good. What is going on in my opinion is one of the atrocities of being right! Thanks for reading and thanks for you enlightening response.

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