Cobwebs of the Blue Ridge


For every new invention there is a cost. Not in making it, but in what it does to change society, culture, and the world. Electric Power is one of those inventions that is so embedded into the fabric of our life, that day to day life would stop if it should suddenly disappear.  I am very thankful to be alive in this generation. I have seen many great changes since I was born. Color TV, calculators, computers, cell phones, tablets, electric cars, Space Shuttles, rockets,  LED lights, and many more inventions  were invented during my lifetime.  Makes me feel old!! We learn to live with the side effects of all of these.

Cobwebs of the Blue Ridge

Giant spiders of steel haunt the Blue Ridge

And many mountains across the country

Spinning their webs of twisted wire

Across peaks and valleys while stretching endlessly

Glistening in the sunshine like silver threads

Shimmering with dew drops when it rains

Full of power deadly currents of life

Some with twenty-five thousand volts

From dams to cities across the way

Giant colossuses spread their webs

Bringing energy and light to the darkest night

Mountain Spiders’ webs already spun

Woven across the scars on the landscape

Over rocks and hills with a never ending hum

Without them life as we know it would cease

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