Don’t Give Me No Hints!


Men really are from Mars when it comes to communicating with women. My wife and I have been married forty-seven years and still haven’t mastered this one.  Most men will function if told exactly what to do. Women never seem to learn that simple fact. They always like to drop hints and hope we men will catch on and follow through.For some reason women seem to make everything a test, and then in absurd ways, attempt to tie our responses to love! Imagine that!! This tongue-in -cheek poem is a little truth and a little fiction. I hope it makes you smile.

Don’t Give Me No Hints

“The trash can’s getting full”

She does it every time

Drops those little hints

Expecting me to mind

Funny how women think

Dropping their little hints

Getting all upset

When we don’t smell the stink

Men don’t hear you

They have to be told

Over and over again

Even when they’re old

Spell it out

In no uncertain terms

Exactly what you want

But don’t drop hints

It’s not his concern

In her mind

He’ll never learn


This poem was accepted for inclusion by Old Mount Press in the next Poetry and Prose Anthology,  What Bugs Me.  It will be going to the press this month, and will also be available on Kindle Books in the near future.  Type the name Tom Davis in the Amazon search to read all the past anthologies. Tom is the editor of Old Mountain Press.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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