Jack Rabbit in the City


Look what we found in the middle of the city of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. On a trip to visit family a few years ago, we saw this Jack Rabbit living in the yard around the Condo. This was in the middle of May and he was just shedding his white winter coat for his brown summer one. A small pond with ducks and a yard full of grass gave him the shelter he needed. In a city of over a million people he has adapted to living along side of his human invaders.

Jack Rabbit in the City

In the cold Alberta Northland

Jack Rabbit lives close at hand

Near a pond with little Mallard ducks

In the city next to cars and trucks

Trims the grass all summer long

Enjoys the green with the summer throng

Bad weather’s coming cold and snow

Fatten up while he can before 40 below

Don’t know what he eats in that situation

Eat all he can now is his only mission

Jackie looks for a new fur coat

Winter is coming and that’s no joke

Pulls out the old coat throws it away

A sleek new white one is his today

No protestors complaining about his new fur

He’ll blend right in that’s what it’s for

On a white blanket of glistening snow

He’ll blend right in he’s good to go


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


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