What exists but we can’t see it until it bounces. It is light. Until it hits something and reflects back to our eyes, we can’t see it. Traveling at 186,000 miles per second it seems to happen instantly. I like to think that Light is like the Spirit of God that can only be seen as it reflects from those who are created in his image.  Maybe Light is really Spirit and Spirit Light!!


Without substance

Can’t touch it

Caresses your face

Without feeling

Can’t carry it with you

Light brings life

Radiates from a source

We are not light

Only moons of reflection

Showing our image

Much like the God

Spirit of Light reflected in us

We are not the source

Only the reflection

His image His creation

Bathed in the Light of Grace

His Love is Light

Source of our Light

The Word Made Flesh


Photo: Molly Roth


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