Nature’s Paintbrush


I can’t seem to get enough of the beautiful fall colors. Nature paints its colors in ways I can never duplicate in paintings or photos. There is nothing like the broad vista of vivid colors spreading out across the changing forest. The long rays of the morning and afternoon sunshine bring out every shade and color of God’s creation in full array. This poem is a tribute to the greatest painter of all time. Nature itself!!

Nature’s Paintbrush

Splashes of red on gold

Blushing in the afternoon sunshine

Waving at me across the way

From a canvas of trees

Laid out in perfect perspective

On background planes of gum, cedar, and hickory


Nature’s paint brush can’t make up its mind

First green, then gold with splashes of crimson

And finally shades of burnt umber


Seems it just can’t decide

Which color it likes best

So it tries them all

Then like an etch-a-sketch

Shakes and erases the pallet clean

Only to start anew

Red helicopters landing

Their mission perpetuation

Forests of the future

Right on schedule

Surrounding the frogs of spring


Photos: Dwight L. Roth



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