How Soon We Forget


Republicans and Democrats are alike when it comes to accepting a Presidential defeat. I remember eight years ago when President Obama was elected, the Republicans criticized and vilified him at every turn. Now that the tables are turned and Trump is the President Elect, the Democrats are already doing the same to him. Why can’t we realize we are all on the same train, going down the same track, even though the engineer has changed?

The Parana Tank

How quickly we forget

The nasty vitriol thrown

At President Obama

When first elected

He’s Black

He’s a Muslim

He wasn’t born in America

He’s a socialist

He will ruin this country

He is not a Christian

He is a Pot Smokin’ Activist

A socialist at heart

He supports same sex marriage

And abortion

He’s antichristian

Befriends and bows to Muslims

Appoints them to his Cabinet

He’s the Antichrist

He is just like Hitler


Now the other party is doing the same

To our newly elected President Trump

Turn off the talking heads

Who stir the cesspool

Of dissention, hate, and racism

What’s done is done

The bed is made

Give the man a chance

Make your choice again

In four more years

This is how it works


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


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