Yesterday I decided to attempt a trilogy of abstract paintings using my pallet knife to spread paint over a brushed background. This wet on wet process always leaves me anxious, because I never really know how it will turn out until it dries completely over night. As the acrylic paints fuse together, the original colors blend creating an interesting effect. I called this set Stick and Stones.  This evening I decided to write the poem below to show that life is not simply black and white, but a kaleidoscope of colors and blends.


Life a series of abstract images

Some realistic some absurd

Reality eludes the ideologist

Illusions of truth plague the pragmatist

Do we seek the photo image

Or blurred lines of enhanced color

Abstractions of truth stand alone

In the minds of all who follow

Distortions also stand alone

In media and pulpit

Abstraction better left  

To paint slingers and sculptors

Leaving voyeurs of truth

To speculate on what they perceive

And claim it as their own


Painting Trilogy “Sticks and Stones”  – Dwight L. Roth


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