Channeling Our Energy


The Tsunami of emotion that accompanied our presidential election comes with many negative feelings on the losing side and elation on the winning side. Our country  rode this wave when we are attacked by terrorists as we were on 9-11. The knee-jerk reaction is negative revenge and retaliation.  But, what if we had channeled our negative emotions into positive responses.  Below is a list of some of those possibilities. You might say this is just unrealistic and naive, but I would challenge you to think what the outcome might have been for us today.

Channeling  Our Energy

What if we channeled our negative energy

Into positive efforts for the common good

What if the bombs we drop and the rockets we fire

Were bread, blankets, and rice

What if the billions of dollars spent in Iraq

Had built schools, hospitals, and homes for the poor

What if the money spent to vilify

Was spent to plan and project policy

What if we look around us reach out our hand

To the person in our view who needs help

What if the money for welfare put those receiving

Back to work with hope and dignity

What if our faith was not just lip service

But care and compassion for our neighbors and friends

Jesus said, “Love your enemies…pray for them”

I believe it is time to let our prayers change our attitude

Experience positive energy in your life

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself”


Painting “Emotional Tsunami”:  Dwight L. Roth

Quotes- NKJV  Bible


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