I’m Tired of Shoveling


When one candidate says something terribly offensive,  it becomes a license for the other one to broadcast it over and over and over again a thousand times. Seems a little hypocritical to me.  To me the one who said it is the offender, but the one who repeats it again and again  is many times more offensive for doing so.  I will be glad when all the muck and mudslinging is over.  It will be great to be able to watch a TV show without having to mute or change channels because of all the political garbage that comes on with every commercial.

I’m Tired of Shoveling!

The manure spreader’s almost full

This regurgitated methane is killing me

Two more days of shoveling

Raucous odors and stinking political BS

Into my virtual spreader

Two more days and I’ll spread it

Onto a virtual field of clover

To let the Light of Truth dry it up

And the rain of tears wash it down

Composted back into the black soil of life

Where I don’t have to see it

I don’t have to hear it

I don’t have to mute it

Out of my mind’s view any longer

Knowing it’s all just a pile of manure

And nothing more


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