Rose and Thorns


You might remember the song,  Every Rose Has its Thorn. In every relationship there are things that get under our skin or irritate us. In today’s world, when things cause us grief or pain, the solution is to end the relationship and move on to another that we hope will keep us happy. The problem is there are no perfect relationships. Which brings us back to every rose has it thorns. In fact we all have thorns. Working through and living above the thorns are what make a relationship work.

Rose and Thorn

Marrying you

So many years ago

I married a rose

The fragrance of love

Blinding beauty

Sweet innocence

Fragile spirit of power

Confident and alive

But, with every rose

Comes thorns of self-protection

Balancing beauty and pain

Your thorns and my thorns

Entwined together in harmony

To love a rose

One must rise above the thorns


Rose Photo: Dwight L. Roth



9 thoughts on “Rose and Thorns

  1. I like that, ” when things get tough we move on to another relationship that will KEEP us happy.” The word that stuck out to me was KEEP. You’re right though it’s a very hard challenge to keep someone happy. Honestly I believe its almost impossible. No one is perfect. Everyone slips up (not in a cheating way or any thing major like that, but you know), in minor ways, we all do something that the other finds hurtful in some sort of way. And that doesn’t me we have to have a hissy fit and end the whole thing.
    Yeh, I dig this post of yours. Thank you Roth.

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