Looking for a Lunatic?

When I first heard this song I thought, “What strange lyrics!” As I listened to I began to realize there are people who don’t like the calm life of work, a wife, a white picket fence, and kids. They like living on the edge and pushing boundaries, even to the point of craziness. The lyrics to this song came to my mind when I thought of the upcoming election.  My poem is tongue in cheek, but I am afraid it’s more realistic than any of us might like to think. Pushing the edges in Washington, D C might look like craziness, but then that might be what we are looking for!

Looking for a Lunatic ?

Billy Joel sang of being crazy

Reminding his girlfriend

“…It just might be a lunatic you’re looking for!”

Flash forward twenty years

A presidential campaign

A disgruntled public

A jilted woman and a crazy man

Vying for the top spot

Well America, you may be right

He might be crazy

But it just might be a lunatic

You’re looking for


6 thoughts on “Looking for a Lunatic?

  1. This post just reminded me of the wanderlust life that I was supposed to have lived. I never saw myself as someone’s wife, someone’s mother or a cook for that matter. Because obviously I’m not good at either. Well, I tried right?
    I love Billy Joel. Great man he is. Remember Uptown girl and many of his others? Ahhh, I think ill get on You Tube and watch a few of his oldies but goodies!

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