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Tell your story and publish your own books and memoirs.  A librarian friend of mine once said, “When a person dies a whole library dies with them.”  I believe it is so important to write down what you want your children and grandchildren to remember about your life. I started writing and self-publishing three years ago with encouragement from some good friends. I wrote a story a day for about thirty days. I type my stories and poems into my Word program on my computer. As I wrote each story, I added it to the master copy.

You can copy and paste photos into your story as well. Color photos get very expensive, but you can use the Word picture tools to change them to black and white.  Black and white photo pages are the same price as a print page.

When you get all of your stories loaded and edited, you can change your Word file to a pdf. file. This way nothing will get changed when it is printed. Load the file on a flash drive and take it to Office Max or a similar store to print.   Load the cover page on a separate file.  By using the discount coupons and printing at least 20 copies I  save  money.  You can make Black and White copies, of around a hundred pages, and have them spiral bound for around ten dollars each. If you use a  16 or 20 point font it will give you a good reading size when printed in half size.

Editing takes the most time to get it right. Spend the time. You will be glad you did.

You can also load your books onto Amazon Kindle publishing for free. If they are checked out and read you will get royalties from them. Don’t expect a big return. I am still waiting to make some money on my books! I write for myself. If others enjoy it that is just icing on my cake!

If you are interested in viewing some of my kindle books click on the site below:

The poem below is in my Home page bio and expresses my feelings about the importance of telling your story.

Tell your story

Let it roll from your mind like an avalanche

Mighty and intense

Driven by unstoppable forces

Knowing that if not you

No one

Will ever know the depth of joy and pain

It will be lost


Dwight L. Roth – 2014





8 thoughts on “Tell Your Story

  1. 16 or 20? I assume that you mean points. If so, 10 points, serif type, is normal for book publishing. I suppose if you write in 20 point and cut in half you’ll get there.

    Don’t forget to copy edit. Read the line in which you said that. Have somebody else copyright your material.

    If you want to make some money on Amazon, or anywhere, you have to tell somebody that you are selling your work and how to find it. Again and again and again. That’s the basis of marketing. It’s also what publishers do.

    Good luck.

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  2. This is a great idea, for example, Liao Fan’s Four Lessons was originally spoken by Ming era scholar Liao Fan to his son as informal advice on how he changed his life for the better, but his son compiled it into a book and it is now one of the most prominent moral texts in Taoism and Buddhism. Thus, I’ve heard an old saying that goes: if you want to help one person, speak advice ; if you want to help many and the generations to come, write a book.

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