Face the Light




As we were guided through the Linville Caverns in the North Carolina Mountains, the guide stopped and said, “Now I will show you what if feels like to be in total darkness.” Then he flipped a switch and everything went black.  The lantern above was a welcome sight when he turned it back on. Depression feels like someone flipped our soul into total darkness. Things seem hopeless as we stare into the blackness. But there is light and there is hope. God’s love is a candle that never burns out. Our friends, those who stand with us, are our guides walking back with us toward the Light of God’s love and grace.

Face the Light

In the black darkness

One can see a candle

Burning in the distance

Unless he turns his back

Staring into the darkness

Where there is no light


The first is hope

The second is depression


Turn until you see the Light

Focus on it

Follow it

It will be your guide 

Out of the darkness

Into Light


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