Heart Attack Dessert


My wife is the best cook ever. Over the years she has made many wonderful and tasty things. In my mind Cherry Delight is number one.  The combination of cream cheese, condensed milk, tart cherries, and a grand cracker crust make this my first choice of desserts. I only get it a few times a year and always on my birthday. It is full of calories and fat, but it has the most delectable taste anyone imagine.

Heart Attack Dessert

Cream Cheese and Cherries

All sweetness and tart

Melts in my mouth

A delectable work of art


Each year she asks

When my birthday rolls around

What shall I make you

A chocolate or a pound


No cake

No candles

Just Cherry Delight

It’s all I ever want

I’ll eat it every night


Although she makes it

She reminded of fat

Filling my veins with

cholesterol and plaque


Seems all the good stuff

Wants to hang around

I’ll take my chances

Though it makes me rotund


A  Cherry Delight birthday

I never get enough

The best dessert for me

Until I am stuffed












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