Impressionable Minds


Children come into the world without bias, prejudice, or hate. Their minds are dry sponges in a world of wet experiences. Everything that goes into those sweet little minds determines how they will function as adults. Parents have an immense responsibility to make sure that what they soak up are values that will give them a foundation for life.


Impressionable minds

Virgin brains

Unpenetrated by bigotry or hate

A clean hard drive

Sponging up every detail of life


Impressionable minds

Seeing everything

Forgetting nothing

Imitating parents

Repeating what they hear

The good

The bad

The ugly


Tainted minds

Polluted with underlying bias

Picking up the hate

Imitating  bigotry


Impressionable minds

Can be filled with goodness

Bathed in Love

Full of Compassion

Exuding grace and forgiveness


What kind of parent are you

Your children will be

Your reincarnation


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


8 thoughts on “Impressionable Minds

  1. While I believe we are all born sinful, it takes a while for some of those traits to show up. Selfishness comes early, but the loss of innocence is lost too soon. The Bible says that “Iron sharpens iron.” That can be for better or worse.

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  2. I believe we are born pure not evil … The very essence of who we are is moulded by our environment, parents and outside influences – the “core” of who we are is innocent and pure, not bad… thanks for sharing this

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      This is a long post, but I agree with what Scripture says. When I was as young as 2, I was crying and tantruming when I didn’t get my way-just like other toddlers. Selfishness is part of a fallen nature. I can’t claim to have mastered being born sinful. Through faith in Christ’s sacrifice I am complete-even though I can’t be sinless. Nobody can. The word sin and sinner can bring up anger in people, but it should make us realize that we need God, not to feel condemned.

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      • We are born with a selfish sin nature, but the attitudes and prejudice toward others is reinforced by the parents they live with.
        Through God’s grace we are forgiven and our sin nature is not held against us. You are right it is only through the work of the Holy Spirit that we can overcome some of those tendencies that would seek to dominate our minds.
        Thank you for reading. Dwight

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    • This has been my experience. Without belief in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection grace would not be possible. But because of that I am free from the law of sin and death as Paul says. This doesn’t say we don’t sin, but it says that because of Christ those sins are already paid for at the Cross!

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      • Amen. I pray others will be open to this vital. life saving truth. Without Christ, we are doomed to an eternity of pain and suffering that will not cease.

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