Blowing Bubbles

I love  watching the excitement of children blowing bubbles as the bubbles get bigger and bigger. Watching them float through the air is always a wonder. How does a bubble of soap hold together. Well it doesn’t for long. It usually pops leaving a soapy mess. Reminds me of a politician spouting off all the things he or she is going to do when they are elected. Usually very short lived promises. See what you think.


Blowing Bubbles

So exciting watching bubbles

Floating through the air

Shimmering in the sunlight

Perfectly round rainbow orbs

Rising floating popping

Little eyes fascinated

Squealing with delight

Leaving a gooey mess

Wherever they land

Reminds me of a political campaign

Lots of hot air and colorful phrases

Great ideas bubbling everywher

Delighting the devoted

Short lived bubbles

Promises of Hope and Change

Soon popped

Leaving a mess

On everyone


Picture from web Clip Art


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