My Own Piece of Clay


One of my favorite Marvin Gay songs is My Own Piece of Clay . I decided to write my own spin off of this song.  I observe that couples and spouses , often  try to shape the other person into their idea of what we want them to be.  When one person is rock and the other is clay, the clay ends up getting crushed. I believe individuals in relationship should be like two rocks in the tumbler, knocking off the edges of each one polishing each other into gems of beauty!

From the day we are born

our crying screams

change everyone’s lives

shape everyone’s dreams

demanding care

for our wants and needs


Life is a struggle

between two lumps of clay

shaping each other

in their own way

shaping them

into their own image


What a shock to find

how fragilely they slip

crumbling creations

held tightly in our grip


by selfish lack of understanding


Clay just won’t cut it

it has no strength

once hard

it won’t stay for any length

Fragile Egos


like dust in the grinder



hard rocks in a tumbler

rolling and tossing

against one another

bumping and grinding

smoothing and shaping

letting the chips fall



after a lifetime of interaction

the gems we have become

hold our attraction

full of beauty

our own true shining colors


for the crown

of our creator


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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