Suicide Ride


This election has been one roller coaster ride after another. We have people who love Trump for saying what they wish they could say. Then there are those who despise him and think all his crazy talk is despicable.  After all his sexist remarks that were made public yesterday. I wonder how long he can keep things on the track. This poem is my way of poking fun at all the craziness of this election.

Suicide Ride

Climbing to the top

Thrill ride challenge

Maneuvered the small ones

Just crested the arch

Highest of highs

Rushing into weightless freefall

Everyone screaming

At the top of their lungs

I want off!!!!!

Will the coaster jump the tracks

Suicide for everyone onboard

Or sail up to the next loop

Rolling on into the booth

Adrenalin pumping

All grins and thumbs up

Hair a little mussed

Thrill ride of a lifetime


Thrill Ride cartoon – Dwight L. Roth

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