Each new beginning


Changes and new beginnings are a part of every stage of life. They are not necessarily a negative experience. How we deal with them and the choices we make determine whether the outcome will be positive or negative. I have found that every major move I have made has been a great learning experience. The same is true with employment. Each new job has challenges, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Each new beginning is like a hand in poker

In our new situation

We don’t want the joker

Sometimes we are happy with the hand we receive

A hand full of Aces and Kings or a winning full house

Filled with joy, happiness, and wealth

But most times our new beginnings

are in need of some tweeking

Some things need to be thrown out

While others we’ll be keeping.

New beginnings require shrewd wisdom as much as luck

Wise choices and good company

Keep us from getting stuck

While some new beginnings have been handed to us

Others take plenty of work and lots of effort

Knowing when to hold

and when to fold is always a real plus

So accept the hand your dealt

Don’t keep looking for one better

It ‘s not luck

It’s your choices that make you a winner

Few new beginnings come up all Aces


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